Life in a foreign land. Almost a decade in and still not used to it. Same country, different world. We all speak the same language. Yet we don’t. Different mindset, different way of communicating. This means it is easy to misunderstand and be misunderstood. Love of people always, but still struggle with hating some of their ways. And yet, their ways are becoming my ways. I do believe I can bring to them also a new perspective from my birthplace on the Atlantic. I need to become more content with my lot in life. I did absolutely no research into my new home. Almost like a child or an adolescent (I was a young adult), I let myself be led. Almost on a whim. No contemplation. Just nodded my head and packed my bags (obviously not quite that simplistic).

Quite frankly, it’s like love/hate. I love this place. The nature. The lakes. The air. And many of the people, really are not bad at all once you learn how to not be off-putting. It’s cold up here, but I really don’t mind. Many of my old friends to this day jest about the climate here, and yet, this is part of its charm. I love the snow. I am becoming more of an outdoorsman. Again, it is not the terrain I have a problem with. Unfortunately, it is the inhabitants. And yet, if I can just come to grips with the reality of my chosen homeland, I know I can be happy and content and fulfilled here. I just have to let go of parts of me that really aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

Another way to look at this is, if you try to walk into a home from the backyard, and there is a guard dog there, you might get bit. But, when invited in, you go through the front door. The dog then sits on your lap and treats you like family. I swear I just need to get over myself. Life is too short. In mid-life, I cannot roam the country looking for a new home. This is where I have been re-born, so to speak. This is where I will die. The focus is no longer on me, but on my offspring. This their home. This is their land. Until they fledge, this place will shape them. I will either have an influence on the people of their homeland and embrace the very great ways they can develop here, or I will find myself out of time and having lost the battle. Welcome Home Nocamo!


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